The surname of SELLECK is a variant of Sellick. It is a habitational name from either of two minor places in Devon, Sellake and Sellick, or from Sellack in Herefordshire, north west of Ross-on-Wye. It was recorded c.1130 as Lann Suluc ‘church (Old Welsh lann) of Suluc’, a personal name, a pet form of Suliau.

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Tom Selleck, US actor, potential relative

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This is from Ancestry DNA.

  • Ireland/Scotland/Wales - 29%
  • Europe West - 21%
  • Scandinavia - 21%
  • South Wales& the West Midlands - 18%
  • Iberian Peninsula - 4%
  • European Jewish - 2%
  • Europe South - <1%
  • Africa North - <1%
  • Asia Central - <1%
  • Finland/Northwest Russia - <1%
  • Polynesia - <1%

Here are the "top 10" ancestoral names.

How much time have you spent on your ancestry?

I am all about this mission. It seems clear to me that the Sellecks who came from Devon are my direct ancestors. It is also pretty clear that the Sellecks from Somerset tended to emigrate to the United States. I cannot find a link between the two. So "Are you a relative of Tom Selleck?" is often asked. The answer I give is that we probably are but I cannot prove it. Can you?

  • Selleck.
  • Johnston.
  • Allan.
  • Wardle.
  • Morris.
  • Robins.
  • Howden.
  • Pask.
  • Brown.
  • Down.

You may or may not be better off but you will be better informed. The experienced researcher is likely to have found additional common ancestors. This is what I want to find out!

"An inlaw is someone who has married into your family; an outlaw is an inlaw who resists letting you do their genealogy!” - Unknown

To your right are some curiosities you will find on here.---->

  • Sir Frank Selleck.
  • Graeme Pollock.
  • Eureka Stockade.
  • Buninyong.
  • Lt. Col. Sir James Johnston.
  • The Asian connection.
  • Devon.
  • 13 generations back.
  • Son married 10 February, 2018.
  • Divorced - effective 10 June, 2018.
  • And more.

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My boutique style of consultancy promotes a purposeful approach to my work, achieving decisive and unambiguous results.
My assertive standing, within my expertise of improving performance, is the result of goal-oriented diligence.
I integrate Disc behaviour, imposition, structure & delivery techniques known as the Oxor Method™.
It is this thoroughness, overseen by the values of a five time world champion (Márquez), that allows us me say I am are not opinionated; I am right.

My own behavior pattern is Creative. Click here.

"Peter is affable, quirky & proved to me to be a rare, judicious, diligent urbane, erudite & intelligent professional to compliment, dutifully perform, collaborate & cause Caltex Oil Australia's Victoria State Melbourne Metropolitan retail marketing great success outcome. I enjoyed training Peter, & I do so recommend him to you."

S. Finbarr Nagle, Esq. Caltex legend....

Hey Peter, Long time no hear. I remember all the work I did at Caltex. I hope things are well. I haven’t been near Pitch Doctor for years. I am fully retired except for charity work. We sold rogenSi to Teletech and I think they’ve even got rid of the name. Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate it.

Neil Flett Founder rogenSi.

Mr. Reliable

Some key suspects

Who am I and who else is involved?

Here are four key suspects of the team. You may be related, I keep saying.


David Brown

4th GGF. The Penang Connection

b. 1776 Scotland
d. 1825 Ship HCS Windsor Castle
Career: Nutmeg trader.


Lt. Col. James Johnston

3rd Great Grandfather

b. 1788 Simprin, Swinton, Berwickshire
d. 1861 Mt Lodge Portobello Edinburgh
Career: Portugese Army; Mauritius.


HFH Selleck

Father / Mentor

b. 1917 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
d. 1998 Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Career: Brainiac; Lawyer.


Peter Selleck

Self (At Raffles, Singapore GP 2018)

b. 1954 Richmond, Victoria, Australia
d. Reports greatly exaggerated
Career: Caltex; MPSI; Consultant.

Some Famous Relatives

The following are some examples of famous relatives. There are not many so the Webmaster has stretched the distant relatives concept accordingly. How about that!


3rd cousin twice removed. It is said that he is one of the greatest batsmen ever to play cricket. Test average 60.97; In 4th - has Voges and Smith ahead of him. What a joke.

Graeme Pollock Cricket Legend, South Africa

2nd GGF, George Selleck, is the first Selleck to come to Australia. Headstone at Buninyong Cemetery also Frances Down, 2nd GGM and Sophia Brown Johnston, GGM.

George SelleckPublican, Buninyong

Anyone remember his role in the failure of retail giant Cox Brothers? 2nd cousin twice removed. Image circa 1959. Sir Frank was Lord Mayor of Melbourne during the 1956 Olympics.

Sir Frank SelleckLord Mayor, Melbourne

Here's here because of the name. I cannot find the link between the Selleck's of Devon (me) and the Selleck's of Somerset (Tom). This is the information that I want so I can say I'm related.

Tom SelleckActor, California

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Not any more. I was binned on January 24th, 2017 after 30 years which was very unfortunate. I am divorced and going my own way. The uxorial influence has ceased!

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When engaged to do so. I have a boutique consultancy. I am the Resultant. The links to my work are at the foot of this page.


In Disc terms; ENHANCER. The key to communication with those with the Enhancer pattern is "Be brief, be bright and be gone".

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Sport - Motor Racing incl F1, Australian Rules, Horse Racing, Cricket, Moto GP. Business and computing. Improving business processes.

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My best mates!
Sport - Marc Márquez.
Business - Jim Collins.
Music - Neil Diamond.
Leader - Richard deCrespigny.

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Myki; Dreamworld; Melbourne Grammar; World's Most Livable City; AMP; the PM. Australia as an exporter of education and an importer of welfare recipients. There are so many that the Webmaster will not allocate sufficient space to list them all.

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