Peter Selleck Interviewed

Here is the acclaimed interview by his virtual assistant, Elizabeth Hunter™.
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Interviewed on the Sunshine Coast.

G'Day! How should I communicate with you, Peter?

A: Be brief, be bright and be gone.

How does Spain, particularly Barcelona and Sitges, compare to Australia?

A: Australia seems stillborn by comparison.

Let's move on to lifestyle...

Q: Dogs or cats? A: Dogs. Q: Ever wanted to be a General? A: Motors or Electric? Q: What's your nickname? A: Pedro, PSel, Mr. Reliable.

Q: Who would you like to meet and why? A: Marc Márquez. Exemplary conduct. Q: Grocery list includes? A: OJ. Q: Last night's dinner was? A: Pork.

Q: You can't live without? A: Medication - Type 2 Diabetes. Q: Saturday nights you drink? A: Anything. Q: Your favourite cut of meat? A: Eye fillet.

Q: What are you proud of? A: Family / mates. Q: Biggest advice given is? A: Make the decision. Q: Your dream car is? A: BMW.

Q: On weekends you like to? A: Attend sport. Q: First thing you do when you wake up? A: Check time. Q: What peeves you off the most? A: Small talk.

Q: First job? A: Petrol pump attendant. Q: People always hassle you about? A: Too stubborn; Too serious; Having younger friends.

What about drink and drugs?

Q: Do you drink too much? A: "I drink to make other people more interesting." (Ernest Hemingway, 1889 – 1961). "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day." (Francis Albert Sinatra, 1915 – 1998).

Q: Do you load up on drugs that are on the WADA banned list? A: Of course. Especially if it is banned both in and out of competition. This means I cannot legally attend a sporting event. I have self injected EPO, prescribed by The Blood Unit at Cabrini Hospital, to fix anemia.


Q: Do you always think that you are right? A: I'm neither right nor wrong because people agree with me.

What about dinner invitations, who impresses and who does not?

Q: People you would invite to dinner? A: Two of my best friends, Eddie McGuire, Barack Obama, Marc Márquez, Sam Kekovich, Neil Diamond, Clint Eastwood, Richard deCrespigny.

Q: 8 people from whom you would decline an invite to dinner? A: Lleyton Hewitt, Brendan Fevola, Peter Garrett, Robert Allenby, Julia Gillard, Lady Gaga, Bob Brown, Germaine Greer.

Q: Most impressive Australians A: Dick Smith, Des Renford, Betty Cuthbert.

Q: Most unimpressive Australians A: How much time do you have? George Pell, Alan Bond, Paul Hogan, Derryn Hinch, Rolf Harris, Margaret Court.

Losses, outlook, reputation etc.

Q: Your most recent loss? A: 10 kg. Jan - May 2016; Marriage - January 2017.

Q: Your greatest fear? A: Another stroke plus what's on my Disc profile.

Q: Your outlook on life? A: Do what I enjoy.

Q: You would never eat? A: Baked beans. Tripe. Haggis.

Q: You have a reputation as a great planner don't you? A: Yes. I am renowned for spontaneous planning to attend known future events.

Q: Your most treasured possession? A: Home.

You love hypocrites and non-thinkers don't you?

Q: Please define hypocrite. A: A greenie who lives in a wooden house. They are also the 'Left Wing Syndrome' who treat you as a vandal if you do not subscribe to their views gained by spending too much time at university. Here is how they operate: Climate change disciples having fun at the Glastonbury Music Festival while caring for the environment

Q: What's the best food label you have seen? A: "Your daily intake may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs." Bulltish: the intake is what you eat, surely.

Where do you get all your knowledge?

Q: What's your favourite publication. A: It's all there in The Betoota Advocate

What about hobbies and so forth?

Q: Any hobbies? A: Sport, computers. Q: First thing you'd buy with $1M? A: Beach house.

Q: Life's most anxious moment? A: Stroke in 1999.

Q: Greatest love? A: Family, but one is leaving.

Q: You would like more? A: Time. Q: Some things you would not do? A: Sing, Surf, Scubadive, Skateboard, Ski, Dance.

Q: To keep fit you? A: 196,000+ laps swum since 2001. 3,430,177 steps in 2018. Q: First car? A: Austin 1800.

Q: Current Car? A: Kia Cerato.

Q: You'd most like a drink with? A: My true friends.

Q: Secret recipe? A: It's a secret! Q: Food discovery? A: Swiss food.

Q: Traveller? A: Not at Flight Centre levels but it's at 27 countries visited.

Any favourite people?

Q: Celebrity chef? A: Colonel Harland D. Sanders. Q: Actor? A: Peter Falk. Q: Musician? A: Neil Diamond - 50+ year genius.

Q: Sports star? A: Jack Brabham (F1). Q: Leader? A: Richard de Crespigny (QF32). Q: Achievement? A: Alan Turing (Enigma code). Churchill said he made the biggest contribution to the Allies victory in WWII.

Q: Man created God? A: Did God create Darwin?

What's your investment philosophy?

Q: Time horizon? A: Forever less one day.

Q: Any Warren Buffett quotes? A: "The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect" and "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful"

Biggest changes in your lifetime?

A1: The abandonment of loyalty and trust. This is supported by ongoing research at

A2: The lack of a need to higher education for all. Research, by Global Demographics, highlights that Switzerland, Norway and Australia are over educated, implying that more capital spent on education in these countries will have minimal contribution to increasing productivity per worker to grow Gross Domestic Product.
For example, it's a disgrace that Melbourne University costs $2.1B p.a. to run for NEXT TO NOTHING. 2,838 new Arts students; see what I mean.
A3: People simply cannot think through things anymore. e.g. Made in Australia from Australian and imported ingredients. Please tell me where else the ingredients are coming from.

Can you describe yourself?

Q: In a paragraph? A: I loathe restrictive and senseless rules, limitations and traditions. (e.g. Mother prohibits an event "Because I said so"). I am always questioning 'why' and I propose all rules and processes be revisited as to relevance. If I see a gap, I'll go for it. It will probably be unorthodox, superior and totally insensitive. I am also totally clueless when it comes to romance.

Q: In three words? A: Active but odd.

Q: Two words? A: Mr. Reliable.

Q: One word? A: Boulevardier.

Can you tell me about your education?

Q: Where were you educated? A: I am totally self educated. I attended Melbourne Grammar School, The University of Melbourne and the University of Tulsa.

Q: How did your parents educate you? A: They did nothing. I taught myself by immersing myself in books all weekend. Their answer was always: "The answer is no, now what was your question?". So I had plenty of time to self educate.

Are you ethical?

Yes indeed. Sometimes excessively so.


Would you rather hit every red light for the rest of your life OR or always be wrong?

A: Red lights. It happens already. No change since I got my licence on 27 June 1972.

Look, putting the summary at the end will test the readers.

Where were you born?

A: Richmond, Victoria - Bethesda Hospital (Now part of Epworth).

First job?

A: Pump Jockey, Caltex Campbellfield, Victoria.

What got you into oil?

A: Luck. 2nd job I applied for.


A: To be happy on the Sunshine Coast after my Unmarriage.

Most admired people?

A: Marc Márquez. Alan Turing.

Most out of touch person?

A: Margaret Court. Victoria's Minister for Equality Martin Foley said: "Ms. Court represented a world that no longer existed." I think she is a goat twice over. Greatest of all time and now has four legs.

What are you told about your future?

A: I'm told that I still have plenty in the tank.
I'm also told that I have spent too much time with strangers and people whom I do not even like and who really are not friends. Henceforth, I will concentrate on spending time only with people who I love, like or admire.

Next Interview

When can I follow up on this interview?

A: Anytime, Elizabeth. I really want to be interviewed by the Betoota Advocate.

May I thank you for your time today, Peter? Any fancy quotes?

A1: The pleasure has been all mine.

A2: The anti-virus can swear, but the file is clean.

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