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It is wise to never lose sight of your ancestors. After all, If you shake your family tree, watch for the nuts to fall.

Conducted and composed by Peter Selleck - Last Update 7 June, 2020

The name Selleck


ORIGIN:The surname of SELLECK is a variant of Sellick. It is a habitational name from either of two minor places in Devon, Sellake and Sellick, or from Sellack in Herefordshire, north west of Ross-on-Wye.

It was recorded c.1130 as Lann Suluc ‘church (Old Welsh lann) of Suluc’, a personal name, a pet form of Suliau. My line is from Devon, without question. Generally, the Selleck's from Somerset emigrated to the USA but the link between the 'Devons' and the Somersets has not been established. So, am I related to US actor Tom Selleck? Probably, but cannot prove it.

Early records of the name mention John Sellak of County Somerset, who registered at Oxford University in the year 1603. Nicholas Sellecke registered at Oxford in the year 1595. Thomas Wyne and Theophila Selleck of Wells, County Somerset, were married at Canterbury Cathedral in the year 1667. William Sellick and Sarah Seville were married at St. George's, Hanover Square, London in the year 1795. The name is also spelt Sellick and Selioke. There was a family of Sellecks who lived at Lydiard St. Lawrence, County Somerset. We are from Shaugh Prior, Devon and not Somerset.

There are 13 generations in my line going back to William Zellake, who would have been born in the early 1600's. The kinship report is limited to 11 generations, leaving off William and his son, John. Peter Selleck's 4th great grandfather, David Brown, was a spice planter mainly nutmeg and one on the wealthiest landowners and a philanthropist in Prince of Wales Island (Penang).

Fast Facts: I am 1.56% Asian. Local (Prince of Wales Island = Penang) Nonia Ennui was David Brown's first wife. (4th great grandparents). I am also my own 5th and 7th cousins. This fact may be because my 3rd GGF, Col James Johnston, married his first cousin, Mathew Jane Trotter. Chatting to 5th and 7th cousins is therefore remarkably easy. With a Japanese mother, my kids are therefore more than 50% Asian, just. Their mother divorced me in 2018 after over 30 years; a crying shame.

Slower Fact: My father, Henry Francis Howden Selleck, obtained his three names from: 1. Henry Thomas Wardle and Francis Harry Selleck (both grandfathers) and Margaret Brown Howden (great grandmother). Was the use of Howden in respect of his uncle? Charles Howden Selleck died from injuries sustained while playing in a football match for Golden Point in Ballarat in 1913.

All Sellecks know that spelling variants are a usual occurrence and annoyance. They include at least: Salack, Sellack, Sellek, Sellick, Sillick, Silix, Sullocke, Zellick and Zelake.


The Himalaya


Himalaya - February 26, 1842.

This is the Himalaya upon which 3rd great grandfather George Selleck came to Australia, arriving in Port Phillip Bay on February 26, 1842.

The family initially settled in Geelong, Victoria, prior to the gold rush.

They moved to Buninyong presumably after the significant gold find of Thomas Hiscock. George became the proprietor of the Crown Hotel aka Selleck's Hotel.


Crown Hotel

George Selleck of the Crown Hotel Crown Hotel

This is an image of Selleck's Hotel. Known always as the Crown Hotel - Buninyong, Victoria.

George Selleck was the publican for many years, including the time of the Eureka Stockade. He was also a counsellor on the local council

George was born on October 10th, 1817 in Whitaborough Farm, Shaugh Prior, Devon and died on January 25th, 1869 and is buried in the Buninyong Cemetery. The headstone at Buninyong Cemetery also contains Frances Down, 2nd great grandmother and Sophia Brown Johnston, great grandmother.

He is my 2nd great grandfather and is the first Selleck to come to Australia.


My father

Howden Selleck Wedding

Olwyn Morris 1919-1973 & Henry Francis Howden Selleck (my parents) were married at Melbourne Grammar on March 14th, 1953.

Arguably the only Olwyn and Howden marriage known to mankind.

Howden was equal dux of Melbourne Grammar on two occasions (1933 and 1934) and had a long and successful career as a solicitor with Arthur Robinson & Co. 'Arthur Robs' is long gone and is essentially lost as part of Allens.


James Johnston

James Johnston

James Johnston, Ballarat, 1854. Assistant Goldfields Commissioner. 2nd great grandfather.

Read more about James by Clicking Here.


The Lord Mayor

Sir Frank Selleck

Sir Frank Selleck was Lord Mayor of Melbourne during the 1956 Olympics.

Anyone remember his role in the failure of retail giant Cox Brothers?

2nd cousin twice removed.

Image circa 1959.


The footballer

Charles Howden Selleck

Charles Howden Selleck is my great granduncle. Howden died on the Monday after suffering horrific internal injuries in a football match while playing for Golden Point Football Club in Ballarat in 1913 at the age of 23.

He was said to be a great footballer with a reputation of courage, loyalty and unselfishness. There is a memorial at his grave in the Ballarat Cemetery.

There is s huge research project on this undeway as at June,2020. More to come.




South African cricketer Graeme Pollock is my 3rd cousin twice removed. The link is through my 2nd Great-grandmother, Margaret Brown Howden. This is where Howden comes from - Charles Howden, Henry Francis Howden and myself, Peter Howden.

It is said that he is one of the greatest batsmen ever to play cricket.

Test average 60.97.

More on Graeme can be found by Clicking Here.



Peter & Andrew Selleck

Here I am with my son Andrew Peter Selleck. 1989-.

We are at the graves of Giichi Noumi and Reiko Wada in Chiba, Japan on October 8th, 2014.

Andrew's grandparents and my ex in-laws.


The Ballarat Tragedy

This not the Ballarat Gaol

James Johnston, my great granduncle was hanged on May 11, 1891.

This occurred at at Ballarat gaol and was for the murder of his four children and his wife.

Click Here - The Ballarat Tragedy


Even More.


David Brown

David Brown

David Brown is my 4th great grandfather

Nutmeg trader

Prince of Wales Island (Penang).

One of his wives, Nonia Ennui, is the reason we are part Asian,
although at 1.56% it's nearly gone!

David Brown - Click Here.


Common Names

SELLECK Henry Francis Alexia May Harry Francis

Here are the most common or significant names on the Selleck Family Tree:

▶ Selleck; ▶ Allan; ▶ Bradford; ▶ Brown; ▶ Callard; ▶ Down; ▶ Ennui; ▶ Evans; ▶ Franke; ▶ Grieve; ▶ Howden; ▶ Johnston; ▶ Morris; ▶ Palmer; ▶ Pask; ▶ Robins; ▶ Tozer; ▶ Trotter; ▶ Wardle; ▶ Wardley.