Here is the diary of Priscilla Isabel (Pearl) Wardle, 1892 - 1968, my Great aunt.

Sister of my Grandmother Janet Merton (Jean) Wardle, 1886 - 1977.

Priscilla's Diary in pdf: Click here

Jean fitted the description of 'battle-axe' - a domineering, aggressive, sharp-tempered person, especially a woman.

An interesting letter from their father, Henry Thomas (Harry) Wardle, 1857 - 1927 to Priscilla said "Olive [sister Maggie Olive Wardle, 1890 -1972] take ten shilling out of the house money for yourself and it will be Bobbie’s 21st [son Robert Norman Wardle, 1985 -1979] 1 July take out 1 pound for him and ten shilling for Jean Birthday."

So Jean's birthday = ½ (Robert's birthday).

Here is an article regarding the tragic death of Grand uncle Charles Howden Selleck who died from severe internal injuries inflicted in a football match in Ballarat in 1913.

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